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Strategic Plan

charting our future

Over the course of the past year, the strategic planning committee has partnered with Leadership and Design, a non-profit based in Los Gatos, CA, to create Sea Crest School’s next strategic plan. Our goal is to build a strong sense of our school’s future direction- a “compass” backed by a set of priorities and initiatives to work toward grounded in our mission, core values, history, vision and culture. Our Strategic Planning Committee is composed of trustees, teachers, administrators, alumni and parents within our school community.


We have reached the halfway point of our journey. 

In the first quarter, we were in the DISCOVER phase where the committee focused on:

  • Team Building, understanding the school anthropology, context mapping, question storming and interview training
  • Interviews across all constituents were conducted
  • Parent and Faculty/Staff Think Tanks held
  • Unpacking of data
  • Development of Inquiry Groups

We entered into the second quarter during the DEFINE phase where the committee focused on:

  • A focus on strategic forces operating beyond the school walls
  • Team-led competitive analysis
  • The creation of a context map, or a hands-on exercise in futurist thinking to understand the possible futures for which the school may need to prepare
  • Narrowed down a well-defined set of four inquiry areas.



community design day

On Saturday, September 23, 2023, parents, alumni, faculty, leadership, board members, and other community members were invited to join the process. This full-day, in-person session built on our committee’s extensive listening and research – and harnessed the power of your collective imaginations – to shape the future of Sea Crest School. The Strategic Design Day is influencing, inspiring, and informing the direction of the final strategic plan. 
This event was your opportunity to participate in a working meeting of the strategic planning committee. Participants:

  • Met members of the Strategic Planning Committee
  • Learned about the work that has happened so far on the strategic plan
  • Reviewed summaries of the issues, needs, and opportunities emerged in the first half of our work
  • Brainstormed potential initiatives the school might undertake in each area
  • Prototyped one or more ideas for consideration in the final strategic plan


Greg Bamford is a Co-Founder and Senior Partner at Leadership+Design. Prior to leading L+D, Greg was Associate Head of School for Strategy and Innovation at Charles Wright Academy in Tacoma, Washington, and Head of School at the innovative Watershed School in Boulder, Colorado. He is a co-founder of the Traverse Conference, a national conference on experiential and place-based learning, and is on the Board of Trustees at his alma mater, The Overlake School in Redmond, Washington.

With his experience in school leadership, Greg brings a strategic lens to leadership development, innovation, and change management for Leadership+Design clients. He has led strategic planning for a variety of independent and public schools nationally. Greg also has been a featured speaker at dozens of education conferences, has consulted with a wide range of schools nationally, and has written for industry publications like Independent School, Net Assets, and The Yield. Greg lives in Tacoma, Washington with his wife and two children.