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Parent Testimonials

Half Moon Bay Neighborhood

My husband and I both attended the local, public schools that our families were assigned to in rural parts of Wisconsin. During that time and place, it was common and assumed for families to send their children to their assigned public school. There were few to no other options. We both had great early education experiences in public schools and were on the same page that our children would attend our neighborhood public school when we put down roots on the coast. 

As time grew closer for our first born child to attend kindergarten, my husband and I were in a position that we didn’t foresee - we had a choice on what school our children would attend. We opened our minds and explored the options, toured most of the local schools, weighed the pros and cons of each, and listened to the stories of other families and their experiences at the various schools. 

We knew instantly that Sea Crest was the best option for our family, and we’ve never second guessed our decision. Our son, now in first grade, is a confident student and loves his Sea Crest experience. We are so grateful to be part of the amazing Sea Crest community. 

We have a saying in our home, You do you, the best you can everyday. This is how we choose to teach our child, who has sensory processing disorder, to go out into the world with all of his quirks and enthusiasm, to live his life proudly no matter what "differences" he may have.

When it came  time to choose a school for our son, we knew it needed to be an environment with small class sizes, adaptive learning environments (can I get a high five for wiggle stools!), teachers who knew what "brain breaks" were, quiet spots in each classroom, satisfy his curiosity, and a community who would support and encourage our little man no matter what he was like compare to others. Sea Crest has met all of those expectations and so much more.

The world can be very overwhelming for our son, and socially things can be kind of confusing. But, we are able to send him to school everyday knowing that he is going to be just fine. We know that if things come up, his teacher is only an email or phone call away. As is the administration. We have the peace of mind knowing that we have found the right place for our son to be himself, and do/be the best he can everyday.